Our Wire Harness Quality System

At C-T Wire Prep we have developed an in depth quality system over 20 years in business that seeks continual improvement, modeled after the ISO9000 quality system.  We have never applied with a registrar because of the associated cost to overhead.  Sure every ISO quality guy will say quality doesn’t cost.  That argument would be true if you had poor quality and needed a way to fix the problems.   Our quality system envelopes all aspects of ISO9000 and more.

Each product we produce has an associated custom developed quality plan that addresses core quality checks for a wiring harness manufacturer.  These core checks include pull test monitoring, crimp quality monitoring and inspection, millivolt drop testing for special crimp situations such as double crimps, and housing insertion scan testing in real time to eliminate mistakes.

All custom quality plans are traceable data for the purposes of record keeping up to two years.  Each plan also has an associated history of any problematic encounters from repeat orders.  Many of our customers have been with us for 10 years or more and have built up a considerable history with us building their wiring harness or wire lead assemblies.

Our plans also include statistical process control for larger orders.

With following the ISO9000 system in an unregistered mode we look after all our other areas that can affect quality such as preventative maintenance.

When we take on a new customer that requires a wiring harness or cable assembly with at least two distinct ends, we require a sample to be built up and sent to our customer for approval before we get into full scale manufacturing. This ensures that mistakes are eliminated early on.  After the harness is approved we ramp up our manufacturing to meet your delivery dates.

We take our quality very seriously at C-T Wire Prep