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Quality Wire Harness Manufacturing In Ontario Canada

Quality wire harness manufacturing doesn’t happen by accident, its a matter of long term experience building wire harnesses and knowing the intricacies of proper crimping methods, as well as having a wire harness quality system that addresses key areas. C-T Wire Prep has been building wiring harness for 20 years and has built up a reputation in the wiring harness industry as an authority. C-T has consulted and trained other wiring harness builders to perform various functions such as the proper way to dye wire, recommend wire harness testing techniques, even process wire and assemble harnesses as a sub contractor.

Engineering wiring harness is another service we excell at and help our customers save money by choosing widely used electrical connector systems that C-T already owns tooling for thus eliminating costly start up tooling costs. Our engineers steer you to the most cost effective connection systems that are also quality connectors.

Cable assemblies are sometimes also called wire harnesses. The only difference is cable assemblies usually just have two ends like an extension cord where as wiring harnesses have multiple branches heading off in many different directions. A wiring harness quality system must address each possibility in a custom way. C-T Wire Prep creates a custom cable assembly or custom wire harness quality plan for everything that is produced. This includes the sub assemblies right down to discrete wires.

When you need to obtain a wire harness quote C-T will require some information. Usually this information includes drawings with part numbers and descriptions of wire styles, gages, colors, lenghts, connectors and pin outs of connectors. If you require CSA wire harness or UL wire harness C-T is certified to produce both.

Please contact us directly through our contact page via email or by telephone at 519 448-1125 or fax 519 448-1109.